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Today begins the Eating Season

By Shanathalas
Ah Christmas. This is my current "free food" Calendar:

  • Today: Faculty of Arts Lunch at the Golf Club
  • Tonight: Media Group (Jai's Dept) Dinner at a French Bistro
  • Tomorrow: Elizabeth's ornament making party
  • Monday: Museum of Anthropology Lunch at a local College
  • Wednesday: Museum of Anthropology Dinner at a swank club
  • Following Wednesday: Lab of Archaeology lunch at a Greek Restaurant.

Good thing I'm taking two weeks off at Christmas - I'll need it to get over all that hard work.

2 comments so far.

  1. Jaime 9:35 AM
    Lucky, Tonight is the only free food I'll get.
  2. Beppie 1:40 AM
    The Division of Humanities here at Club Mac did us very well this year (as they do every year)-- a barbeque, lots of tasty side dishes, lollies, chips, and PLENTY of wine. :) That will probably be my only major glut-fest before Christmas day itself though.

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