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The Circle of Life at the Aquarium

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The Vancouver Aquarium is one of my favourite attractions here in Vancouver. Its one of the few things that is awesome no matter what the weather is like. All of our mates who've visited us have been dragged there. So this past weeks they've had good and bad news.

The Bad News:
There 15-year-old stellar sea lion named "Tag" just passed away from cancer. He was a real character and always enjoyed amusing the visitors by sticking out his tongue and splashing people with water. He leaves behind 11 I'm-very-sure-saddened female sea lions. Here's a photo I took of him in better days:

The Good News:
Qila, one of the beluga whales who was herself born in the aquarium, gave birth to a baby. While I am not a fan of whales in captivity, I am happy that this baby seems to have been born healthy, and that Qila is able to take care of her/him. This baby beluga is the first beluga to be born to an aquarium-born beluga.

Photo: Vancouver Aquarium

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