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A New Job!

Category: By Shanathalas
Hey All, just a heads up that I have got myself a new job. I'm still at UBC, but I have fallen back into the loving embrace of IT (read: get paid a decent wage). I will now be working for the Office of Learning Technology, as Applications User Support. I start on the 29th. Looking forward to it. While I will miss working in the Archaeology Lab, I know that the project I was on will end eventually and then I'd be out of work.

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  1. Kass 2:05 PM
    Congrats Shan! I so miss UBC, what an awesome place to work!
  2. becstarr 5:02 PM
    Hey hey! Welcome to the big bad world of Ed Tech. Can I be really geeky and ask what you guys are running over there? :)
  3. Shanathalas 6:28 PM
    Not sure Bec, but I promise to get the low-down in a few weeks.
  4. vohumanu 5:15 PM
    "It's called archaeology gramps, someone's gotta pay the bills around here."

    You mean the web lied to me!

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